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Brazilian-rails is an open source Ruby on Rails plugin used to make localization easier for Brazilian Railers. Features include:

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Integration Plugin

Integration is a Ruby on Rails plugin that provides a set of tasks to automate all steps of a synchronous continuous integration process, that is, continuous integration without a server such as CruiseControl. Why? Because that's the way we like it!

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Selenium Poetry

Selenium Poetry

Selenium Poetry is used to tidy Selenium tests and make their purpose much more clear. It also helps to make them DRYer. It's implemented as a DSL created to separate test intention from HTML selectors. These are placed in separate YAML files, while the tests use identifiers (phrares) to refer to the selectors.

Download Selenium Poetry from GitHub.

Take a look at Selenium Poetry's tutorial.

AMOR - Another Markdown On Rails

AMOR is a fork of the famous project Markdown on Rails to use Rdiscont instead of BlueCloth and improve some test and documentation.

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